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WVTri:  our coaches

BTF Level 2:  Head Coach – Nicky Garratt

I qualified as a BTF Level 1 coach in December 2016, having joined WVTri in the summer of 2015 as a complete novice. During 2017 I trained and completed Ironman Maastricht with my husband Graham, which was a real journey and a momentous day for us both.  I was fortunately enough to compete in Ibiza at the European Championships at Middle Distance in 2019, qualified as a Level 2 coach during 2020, and was appointed Head Coach in the summer of 2021.  I enjoy seeing the progression that the WVTri members are making, tracking their successes at races and seeing the joy that triathlon has brought to so many in the club, and in particular enjoy swim and cycle coaching. Coming to triathlon in my mid 40’s has given me so many positive benefits, and juggling work, training, home life and children is a fun and rewarding challenge!

BTF Level 3: Swim and S&C Lead Coach - Darren Thoirs

I have been involved in triathlon coaching for the past 5 years. As Lead Coach in S&C at WVTri it is my responsibility to ensure that we provide quality training to all of our members through progressive session planning for all abilities. Our philosophy to training is that we challenge the individual but we always make the sessions enjoyable and open to everyone.  Sporting Qualifications: BTF Level 1, 2 and 3, Head Coach CPD, Open Water CPD, Strength & Conditioning CPD, CrossFit Level 1, Wattbike Practioners Course.

S&C/Fitness Coach - Louise Perry

All my life I’ve taken part in sport, competing in swimming as a kid for the county, athletics, wining club champion for my weight in Judo, and Karate.  I moved to Canada in my late 40’s, and was asked to become an indoor cycle instructor at my local YMCA gym. This opportunity pushed me to get a certification to lead Bootcamp, Circuit Training, Group Strength Training, Stretch & Roll, Group Combat, and TRX classes.  I competed in my first sprint triathlon while living in Canada. Moving back to the UK, I continued with my fitness qualification; Level 2 fitness instructor; level 3 Personal training; Advance Fitness testing; Fitness for Older Adults and TRX Training. I have also continued competing in triathlons in the UK, which includes European Sprint Triathlon Championships in Glasgow for my age group, qualifying for 2020 World Sprint Triathlon in Canada and the 2020 European Sprint Triathlon in Sweden.

BTF Level 1:  Lead Bike Coach - Marc Jordan

My triathlon journey started when I watched my brother in law competing in 2016.  I had a complete misconception of the type of people who did triathlons, and the buzz of the event and the efforts of all the competitors inspired me to join WVTri in the summer of 2016 and later that year enter my first sprint. Since then - with the support of the club's coaches and other club members - I have trained for and completed sprint, standard, half and full distance Triathlons, and this year I raced my second IM event in Austria.  In early 2019 I had the opportunity to train for my BTF level 1 coaches course, which was a great opportunity to use my teaching skills in a new and different way, one which allows me to give something back to the club and support other in reaching their goals. In 2020 I qualified as a British Cycling Combined L1 & L2 Ride Leaders, developing by interest in this discipline.


BTF Level 2 Coach – Philip Wright

I started doing triathlons in 2012 when I did sprint and Olympic distance races, and ended the year with a middle distance event in Chantilly, France.  After a 2 year break I then completed Ironman Sweden.  I have a varied history in training people and thought I would bring these skills to  WVTri  by enrolling in the coaching programme. I qualified as a BTF Level 1 coach in 2017 and I’m looking forward to developing the athletes' skills as well as my own.

BTF Level 2:  Cate Read

I have been involved with triathlon since 2010 when I was convinced by my swim coach that it was a good idea. I soon found out that short distances were not my thing and opted for endurance over speed. My first half distance was Galway 70.3 in 2011, and my first full distance Challenge Almere 2014. I somehow managed to sneak into the GB age-group a few times for Middle and Full distance ETU and ITU events, and I was thrilled to win my age-group at the final full distance event at Challenge Wanaka 2018. I qualified as a Level 2 BTF coach in 2017 and for two years ran holiday triathlon camps and regular coached sessions for children in Dorset. My main passion is open water swimming and I’ve worked as a coach and expedition guide for a swim holiday company for the past 3 years. I’ve been with WVTri since January 2020 and I’m looking forward to joining the coaching team in September, helping people towards those dreams and maybe tweaking a few of those swim strokes. Sporting Qualifications: ASA Level 2 Coach, ASA & STA OW coach, BTF Level 2, Level 3 Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.


BTF Level 1 Coach - Carol McDade

I started doing triathlon in 2016, and quickly joined WVTri as I was looking for a personal challenge having no background in sport. With the support of WVTri and the coaches, I completed my first 70.3 in Mallorca in May 2017 and went in to do two more 70.3s in my first season.  I have recently qualified as a BTF Level 1 coach and am looking forward to helping others in the club develop and achieve their goals and instilling a belief that anything is possible!

BTF Level 1 Coach - Craig Fuller 

Having run numerous marathons and 3 ultras, I decided that running itself wasn’t enough of a challenge; there had to be more!  So I joined WVTri in October 2017 after speaking with a friend and now I’m hooked!!!!. I am a firm believer of healthy body - healthy mind and will always encourage sport for all. Coaching others to achieve their goals and push beyond is a key driver for me, and the triathletes continually inspire me to train and coach harder. I am due to complete BTF Level 1 in April 2018. 

BTF Level 1 Coach - Stuart Rees

My wife and I thought we would set ourselves a challenge and get fit, so we started with couch to 5k. We then saw a local triathlon club WVTri and contacted them and went along to a session to have a chat. Our first session was hill repeats up Rockingham Hill with lots of encouragement. Soon after we officially joined the club and did our first sprint distance at Tallington Lakes. I then went on to compete in my first 70.3 Ironman in Mallorca in May 2017 and will be competing at Ironman UK in the summer of 2018 with two 70.3 as a build up. Having received the support and encouragement from the coaches at the club I decided I wanted to give something back, to both the club and its members, by supporting others to achieve their aims from the hard work and effort they put in.

BTF Level 1 Coach - Tim Cooke 

I've been involved with triathlon since 2008 and have been a  member of the WVTri club since its formation. I have competed across all distances both in the UK and abroad and never tire of the fun, camaraderie,  friendly competitiveness and sometimes life-changing personal challenges that the sport provides. Along with the other members of our coaching team, I enjoy helping club members of all ages and abilities to develop in the sport and to realise their own goals and ambitions.

BTF Level 1 Coach - Dan Fox

Working in the cycling industry as a mechanic and bike fitter, cycling has always been my passion and my strongest discipline, so back in 2008 I was persuaded to take someone place in the London Triathlon and have been competing ever since.  I have been a member of WVTri since it started, as well as sitting on the committee for a number of years as well.   I qualified as a BTF level 1 coach in April 2019 and am enjoying coaching others with a passion for the sport and helping them achieve their goals.  


BTF Level 1 Coach - Sue Henley

 Five years ago I thought I was in the part of the population who couldn’t run. A colleague suggested I try couch to 5k : I was completely amazed the day I managed 5k.  I stumbled across  WVTri 3 years ago in an effort to improve my swimming and was immediately hooked. I have now completed triathlons at every distance, including Ironman and am convinced that triathlon is a sport accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, gender and ability. I am now coaching in an attempt to pass on my enthusiasm for such a great sport.   If I can do it: so can you!

BTF Level 1 Coach - David Shiels

Biography to follow

BTF Level 1 Coach - Samantha Saunders

Biography to follow

BTF Level 1 Coach - Dan Stevens

Biography to follow

BTF Level 1 Coach - Jim Chattaway

Biography to follow

In addition, the club have a number of qualified British Cycling Combined L1 & L2 Ride Leaders.  All of our coaches and Ride Leaders have - or are working towards - a recognised First Aid qualification and Ride Leaders carry a first aid kit on the club's Social Ride.  The club also own its own portable defibrillator.

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