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WVTri:  our history

The idea that the area lacked a triathlon club was first thought about back in 2011, when a handful of local, keen triathletes came together and the Welland Valley Triathlon Club was created over a pint in a local pub!  

Since then, WVTri has grown and grown, in both its membership base and coaching team.  The training sessions have expanded over time, and we now swim at two local pools so we can fulfil the high demand for our quality training sessions.  We regularly offer up to 8 training sessions per week, across the three disciplines, and have an active membership base in excess of 100 members with 10 coaches in place during the 2018 race season.


WVTri is known for being a very friendly and welcoming group of triathletes.  We actively encourage all adults - regardless of age and ability - to join our progressive club.   Why not give triathlon a go?

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